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Darwinism in the Age of Blockchain

by Jessica Darmoni
8 months ago

“This reminds me of 2008 when the stock market had just collapsed and there was nothing going on in the economy but it was a good time to be a trader,” said Michael Creadon of 4Rev.  “With Bitcoin going from $20,000 down to $3,500, it seems like the crypto market is a ghost town and businesses are about to bottom out.  But I’ve seen it before and the strong will survive.”

Michael Creadon writes and publishes, a site for blockchain and cryptocurrency news.  With a background in writing, including stints at Bloomberg and Time, Creadon tackles the topics of blockchain, crypto trading and tokens.  Hehmeyer Trading + Investments sat down with him to learn more about the types of projects he is involved with, what he thinks of the blockchain space and how he believes the strong will survive.

“You are seeing all of these big companies go into survival mode,” said Creadon, who referred to Consensys and Kraken. “These are smart decisions to cut their payroll.  It’s unfortunate that people are losing their jobs but Joe Lubin for example is smart to cut costs.  The shrewdest entrepreneurs will figure this out.”

Creadon explains that he first heard about bitcoin in November 2017 when he attended the Global Financial Leadership Conference organized by the CME Group. 

“I came home and did some research.  I liked the volatility of it and the more I learned, the more I thought it was something worth looking deeper into,” he said. “I got involved with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs).  Many of them were overseas and needed help with introductions for capital.”

While it’s been a hard year for startups to raise money, Creadon is optimistic about growth.  He is involved in a robust group of projects leveraging blockchain from Hollywood executives to Swedish female entrepreneurs.

“One of the projects I am consulting for is a group of Hollywood executives that want to buy their own studio and make their own token.  People would own a part of the studio and get benefits,” said Creadon. “I use this one as an example because you hear so many people say that this is a joke or scam but then I see credible businesses and executives find value in crypto.”

Creadon also sees blockchain as a social utility.

“Femergy is another project I am involved with that helps female entrepreneurs get off the ground, this is out of Estonia,” he said. “I am also working with a group out of Singapore that is specifically tailoring services to high school students looking to apply for college. These are for profit businesses that do social good.”

Creadon believes that blockchain is the real deal and went back to his comparison to the Internet.

“The cryptocurrency market might die out – I wouldn’t spend my time writing about it if I thought so but, it would be silly not to take that into consideration,” he said.  “Blockchain is not a hoax though, it’s the real deal.  Blockchain is like the Internet, nobody owns it but you have all these companies in and around the Internet.”

Creadon brought up Facebook, Google and Amazon; companies he said couldn’t exist without the Internet.

“Think back to 2000 and how the media mocked Jeff Bezos for promoting online shopping but now online shopping is bigger than in-store,” he said.  “It’s very fashionable to mock crypto but I see people in the industry going to work every day and this makes me believe that some really good things will come of it.”

Creadon said that when he shares his 4Rev links on LinkedIn, his readers include Wall Street Banks and also recently, IBM, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and McKinzie.

“People are interested in this space and want information.  This is going to continue to develop, all of these Fortune 500 companies are looking at how blockchain will implement into their solutions and I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be a digital asset attached to that in some capacity.”

As we were finishing up the conversation, I asked what it meant for Creadon to be sitting in Chicago through this crypto creation period.

“Chicago has a strong position in the crypto world because of the exchange history we have here and we have made a lot of positive advancements – Hehmeyer, Cumberland, DRW, Jump, a lot of the market makers and front-end systems are getting involved. Its nice to see Chicago taking a leading role in the evolution of blockchain."

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