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Crypto Resources We Rely On

Jameson Lopp

by Jessica Darmoni
1 year ago

After reading a recommendation from Rumi Morales in the John Lothian Newsletter, I started visiting Jameson Lopp's website on all things cryptocurrencies, and I mean ALL THINGS.  From articles that simplify bitcoin and distributed ledger technology down to buying an apple from a friend on a park bench to documentaries about bitcoin in Uguanda, this site has it all. 

Although I touched upon hash power in my interview with Sean Ristau from Bcause, Lopp shares a three-part documentary on the topic.  I also previously discussed Cypherfunks' first attempt at launching a cryptocurrency in my interview with Mike Unetich but Lopp has a whole section dedicated to the history of bitcoin including a family tree, bitcoin obituaries and literature supporting the notion that bitcoin was not formed in a vacuum. From setting up a wallet to learning more about security; this website covers the entire gambit and even includes a careers section.  I wanted to share this resource with you as one I rely on.

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