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Crypto Hehmeyer Partners With TrueDigital Holdings To Provide Transparency And Confidence In Cryptocurrency Trading

by Jessica Darmoni
1 year ago

Hehmeyer LLC, the proprietary trading firm of Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, is proud to be one of 10 liquidity providers and contributors partnering with trueDigital Holdings (TDH), a leading developer of institutional-grade digital asset trading solutions, to create the first market maker based Bitcoin and Ether pricing indices.  

The trueDigital Bitcoin and Ether reference rates addresses common concerns about the robustness and lack of transparency inherent in retail exchange-based bitcoin pricing composites.   They include automated anti-manipulation safeguards such as outlier detection and price branding. Robust policies survey potential manipulation and review the contributing sources on an ongoing basis inline with the Interntional Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSC) based methodology. According to trueDigital, investors are given the most accurate representation of actionable liquidity within the institutional digital asset markets.

“The approach that trueDigital has taken to establish institutional-quality benchmarks comes at a great time for the industry, delivering much-needed confidence to what remains a relatively young but important sector of the global financial marketplace,” said David Nuelle, Hehmeyer LLC.

Hehmeyer is looking forward to working with trueDigital as well as the other liquidity providers including; Genesis Global Trading, XBTO Group, Circle, DV Chain and Altonomy.

About Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, LLC

Hehmeyer Trading + Investments (www.hehmeyer.com) includes Hehmeyer LLC, a proprietary trading firm, as well as a commodity trading advisory, commodity pool operator and introducing broker business operating as Hehmeyer Capital Management, LLC. Hehmeyer Trading + Investments is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Hehmeyer LLC and its subsidiaries provide traders with infrastructure, financial backing, including the use of capital, exchange memberships, connectivity and information technology, risk management, compliance and operational support, as well as first-rate customer and client services.

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