Other Christopher Hehmeyer Honored At FIA Boca Next Week

Inducted into the FIA Futures Hall of Fame

by Jessica Darmoni
8 months ago

Our own Chris Hehmeyer has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the listed and cleared derivatives community.  The Futures Industry Association (FIA) will honor Chris next week at the annual FIA Boca conference in Boca Raton, Florida and induct him into the FIA Futures Hall of Fame.  

The FIA established the FIA Futures Hall of Fame in 2005 and has honored the accomplishments and contributions of 144 influential individuals from around the globe.  The initiative celebrates the idea that people who lead this industry today owe much to the contributions made by those who came before them.  

This year, Chris is joined by 12 new members that will be inducted into the FIA Hall of Fame.  Please feel free to congratulate Chris by sending him an email and see a full list of 2019 inductees here.

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