Crypto Business Insider Taps Hehmeyer For Insight Into Tagomi Holdings And How They Plan To Attract Institutional Crypto Traders

Tagomi Provides Prime Brokerage Services to Institutional Crypto Traders

by Jessica Darmoni
10 months ago

 Our own CEO Christopher Hehmeyer of Hehmeyer Trading + Investments spoke to the Business Insider about Tagomi Holdings.  The startup backed by Paypal's Peter Thiel, will begin offering prime brokerage services in an effort to attract institutional crypto traders.  Tagomi's solution will include best execution, custody and post-trade reporting, among other services. 

Chris believes that Tagomi Holdings is trying to bring trusted third parties, that institutional traders have come to expect, to the crypto world.  

"People like their trusted third party. They like their banks.  They like their brokerage companies.  They feel comfortable," he said.  "This should definitely help bring comfort to the fiduciaries of the world, which is where the institutional money is."

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