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Crypto Blogs We Read: Timothy McDonald

Should Blockchain Tokens Be Regulated?

by Jessica Darmoni
1 year ago

When we come across a blog post that really grabs our attention, we like sharing it with our readers. This week, we'd like to point you to Timothy McDonald's article on the importance of regulation in the crypto markets and how security tokens will drive innovation on Wall Street. Similar to our thoughts around regulated products, McDonald believes that regulation will bring institutional capital into the crypto world.  He also says that "security tokens pave the way... SEC compliant security tokens, issued by licensed broker-dealers and traded on FINRA regulated exchanges have the potential to finance a new wave of innovation in the global economy and breathe new life into the capital markets."

From representing a new asset class and providing a new economic incentive structure for enterprise value creation, to building a link between customer incentive and loyalty programs with equity ownership, McDonald builds a case for security tokens. 

Here is the full post on why he believes regulated security tokens provide the platform to fund new growth opportunities on Wall Street. 

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