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Crypto Athena Trade Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Floor

Hehmeyer has full time membership to the floor

by Jessica Darmoni
1 year ago

In an office overlooking the Chicago River, Athena Trade launched one of the first digital asset trading floors on March 5th, 2018.  Currently home to 8 full time members and 4 part time members, Athena Trade is creating a community for cryptocurrency traders inspired by co-working spaces such as Level and 1871.

Hehmeyer Trading + Investments is a full time member and has access to the Athena trading floor.

We spoke with Earl Counter a trader on the floor, whom recently moved into the space. Counter, a former floor trader in the S&P 500 pit and local market maker, is interested in the Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures markets as well as in Ethereum.  He believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will do to payments and finance what email did to communication.

"As a trader, I can't sit back and not get involved," said Counter. "Athena Trade is a great launching pad and a way to bring this community together in the trading floor city of the world."

Athena Trade is a wholly owned subsidiary of Athena Bitcoin, which is no stranger to the markets or cryptocurrencies.  In addition to the trading floor, Athena Bitcoin also operates a brokerage business called Athena Investor Services and a peer to peer exchange for retail cryptocurrency traders called Bitquick.co. They also manage 62 Bitcoin ATMs in North America, South America and Mexico.

Clara Meek, Athena's Community Manager said, “We are excited about being the first of its kind cryptocurrency trading floor in Chicago and look forward to continuing to grow our community dedicated to those involved in cryptocurrency. We are thrilled about having forward thinking companies, such as Hehmeyer, on our floor.”



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