We believe that when the right traders:

We Exist To Support And Empower Our Traders

Hehmeyer Trading Group: Where Integrity + Excellence + Expertise come together

These are Founder and CEO Chris Hehmeyer's guiding principles and HTG's cornerstone values.


The most important trait of any organization is trust. Living by one’s word, meeting obligations, conducting the affairs of the organization in a trustworthy fashion and with transparency will foster an atmosphere where time is not wasted.

HTG refers to this as the speed of trust.


Exceptionally high-quality work takes effort, initiative, job knowledge, accuracy, and a commitment to outstanding results.

It takes going the extra mile, tenacity, tearing up the work and doing it again, and again, and again until it is the best it can be.


Founded in 2007, HTG has expertise across a wide array of asset classes and investment strategies including futures, options, crypto-currency and OTC derivatives markets.

These core values, along with HTG’s deep expertise, positive attitude, teamwork, and innovation are why highly-motivated traders are attracted to – and stay with - HTG.

Integrity + Excellence + Expertise

HTG provides experienced traders and trading groups with the support they need and the independence they deserve.

Traders benefit from HTG’s expertise in many ways:
  • + Market access
  • + Reliable, highly-advanced infrastructure
  • + Unmatched administrative support, including regulatory and compliance expertise
  • + Accounting and legal guidance
  • + Financial backing
+ Plus, HTG’s trader arrangements are as competitive as any on the street.
HTG strongly believes that traders should retain their intellectual property.
At Hehmeyer Trading Group,
we believe integrity matters

"We believe trading firms should exist to support their traders...
and not the other way around."

- Chris Hehmeyer


We have built a trading firm that puts an unusually high priority on trust and integrity. We have been and continue to be the home of very successful trading groups because we are their trusted partner!

Unlike other trading firms, we have no interest in stealing from our traders’ strategies and intellectual properties. Instead, we focus on giving our traders the support they need to succeed.

Chris has built HTG to be an empowering platform where traders find success.

If you are a great trader, our responsibility is to provide the support and resources to unshackle your talent, and then get out of the way

HTG provides experienced traders and trading groups with the support they need and the independence they deserve.

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