proprietary trading

what we do

The mission of Hehmeyer Proprietary trading (HPT) is simple: to enable the success of our traders. We do this by providing experienced traders and trading groups with the support they need and the independence they deserve. If you are a great trader, our responsibility is to provide the support and resources to unshackle your talent, and then get out of the way. We are your trusted partner. HPT is an empowering platform where traders find success.

benefits + access

HPT provides our traders with expertise, resources, support and independence.

+ market access + reliable, highly-advanced infrastructure + unmatched administrative support, including regulatory and compliance expertise + accounting and legal guidance + financial backing + plus, HPT’s trader arrangements are as competitive as any on the street.

our traders

Experts in an extremely wide-range of asset classes, including futures, options and commodities

Experienced and have spent years developing, honing and perfecting their strategies

Quantitatively-minded and are looking for just the right balance of independence and support

"We believe trading firms should exist to support their traders ... and not the other way around." - Chris Hehmeyer