capital management

Hehmeyer Capital Management, LLC (HCM) is a commodity trading advisor offering liquid alternative investment strategies to qualified investors.

HCM developed the Hehmeyer Investment Platform (HIP) to provide investors with information on our programs and investment strategies – alpha, beta, and crypto – all in one place. HCM recently launched the Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index Fund, LLC., a commodity pool that aims to track the performance of the Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index™ allowing investors to gain passive exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

what we do

HCM’s objective is to provide qualified investors with risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. Our strategies go beyond conventional ways of investing, and we believe liquid alternative investments are an integral component of a broader investment portfolio.
Qualified investors, including sophisticated individuals, pension funds, endowments, and family offices have the option to invest in an HCM alternative investment strategy through a single-strategy managed account, a blended portfolio, or a commodity pool (Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index Fund, LLC).
In addition, HCM’s dedicated and highly-experienced team is here to help investors design and implement a custom liquid alternative investment portfolio based on your unique risk and return parameters.




In 2016, Hehmeyer LLC acquired the business operations of Kottke Associates LLC to complement and enhance its already-existing service offerings in the derivatives markets. Combined, the people of these two organizations bring vast knowledge and experience in the clearing and the support traders.

risk Management + technology platforms

HCM will leverage Hehmeyer’s proprietary risk management and technology platforms which provide real-time risk solutions, off-site redundancies, and an exclusive internal network of market connections.

leadership & history

From floor runner to Chairman of the Board of the NFA, Chris Hehmeyer has been directly involved in virtually every aspect of the futures industry for over 40 years.