Who we are

Hehmeyer is a global market maker in digital assets. We stream prices electronically, operate on numerous request-for-quote platforms, and accommodate over-the-counter (OTC) markets with FIX API, REST API, GUI, and other mediums. Founded in 2016 by industry veteran Christopher Hehmeyer, we are headquartered in Chicago, IL with operations in Singapore and London. Digital assets will continue to transform the global financial system, and Hehmeyer is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this evolution. Hehmeyer is for the future.

Our mission
is liberating interactions

Our vision

Hehmeyer is instrumental in creating a world where transactions are liberated, and where transactional integrity, greater transparency, trust in all interactions, and new mediums of exchange have emerged. We envision a world where people have become knowledgeable and are inspired by the possibility of digital assets empowering their lives.

Our values


Acting with honesty, humility, and moral uprightness towards our team members and our counterparties. Establishing an environment of trust, truth, and dependability.


Being curious, exploring, building and shaping our future. Searching for new ways, methods, ideas, and strategies. “Let’s think of it this way.”


Always becoming better. Mastering our strategies and ways of doing things. Seeing all challenges as important, surmountable, and as opportunities.


Working together. Communicating and establishing wholeness, unity, and community. Encouraging mutual respect and support.


Being open, accountable, and forthcoming. Taking the time to explain.