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Hehmeyer is a Zug, Switzerland based market maker in digital assets, enabling individuals and institutions to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a way that is reliable, transparent, efficient, and competitive. We pursue responsible innovation

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Transact with control, power, and independence.

We provide our counterparties with deep liquidity in digital asset markets

High-touch support

Professional and reliable support from onboarding to settlement

Global reach with operations in Zug, Switzerland, Chicago, and Singapore

Innovative technology

Price streaming via FIX API, REST API, GUI, and other mediums

Highly competitive pricing

Culture of compliance and regulation

Internal risk management

CEO Chris Hehmeyer served as 4-year Chairman of the National Futures Association

Efficient execution and flexible settlements

Same-day settlements

24/7 availability

We provide institutions, hedge funds, exchanges, family offices, miners and high-net-worth individuals with liquidity in digital asset markets.

We are committed to helping our counterparties optimize their functionality and profitability.

In every interaction with our counterparties, we provide world class support and exceed expectations.

We have traded billions in notional volume since inception.

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The steps to your future

Get in touch. A Hehmeyer team member will guide you through next steps, based on your needs.

1. Take the leap

To become an approved counterparty, you must go through our onboarding KYC/AML process, allowing us to understand your background and your trading needs.

2. Onboard

We will work with you to determine and set up your preferred trading method, whether it be via FIX API, REST API, GUI, or chat.

3. Determine trading method

Begin trading cryptocurrencies.

4. Participate in the movement

Hehmeyer is for the future.

Hehmeyer exists now, for what is coming. Today, the financial world operates primarily on the “traditional rails” of banks and exchanges and executing financial transactions can be costly, inefficient, and out of individual control. Digital assets — although promising in their potential to liberate individuals and institutions from transacting value through intermediaries — remain in their infancy and are perceived as complex and unfamiliar.

Hehmeyer offers institutions and individuals power, independence, and the invitation to be part of a movement that is liberating interactions through digital transactions. We provide around-the-clock liquidity in digital assets, enabling the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a way that is transparent, reliable, efficient, and competitive.